Opposes wolf hunt

To the Journal editor:

I am saddened and sickened to hear of the practice of organized hunting of wolves. It’s really nothing short of promoting murder.

How do the parents and teachers of the young people taking part in this dreadful, cruel, inhumane, animal-unfriendly, and totally unnecessary practice, promote healthy values, and balance of nature?

This is the 21st century. Wolves are vital top-level consumers. Surely educated, concerned Michiganders believe that wolf hunts are wrong.

Please preserve the wolves of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and stop the wolf hunt altogether. It’s really sickening advertising for, what I’ve always considered to be, a beautiful state.

I’ve spent many years traveling through, and vacationing in, Michigan, during visits to relatives, and attended Hope College in Holland, to earn my teaching degree. Wolf hunts are a staining image.

Publication of organized wolf hunts can’t be a positive step in the direction of Michigan’s economic development. Wolves deserve to be born, live, and run free in your state. They are necessary in your ecosystems. They are worth it.

Colleen Hunt, M.Ed

Douglasville, Ga.