I’m excited for Olympic hockey

February is normally my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month, but this year I’m especially excited for February because of the Winter Olympics.

I’ll admit, I don’t really care for the Summer Olympics. The only time I watch anything from the Summer Olympics is online after somebody tells me about something supposedly amazing that happened or there’s a big buzz about something on social media. For example, Gabby Douglas’s floor and vault routine during the 2012 Summer Olympics. But when it comes to the Winter Olympics I try to watch as much as I can, especially hockey.

Obviously I always root for the United States to win the Olympics, but when it comes to hockey I find myself watching and rooting for other countries. I grew up watching Sweden’s and Russia’s hockey teams because those were the teams that the selected Detroit Red Wings players were playing for. This year I don’t think that will be any different.

The Swedish roster was announced earlier this week and there are six Red Wings players on the roster. Henrik Zetterberg, captain of the Red Wings, was named captain of the Sweden team. It also helps that my favorite current Red Wings player, Johan Franzen, is on the Swedish team as well.

Now I don’t go out of my way to not watch the United States hockey team, but I won’t stay up late at night to watch them like I will for Sweden this year. If the United States hockey team does make it to the gold medal game I will be rooting for my home country, but if they are playing Sweden and lose I just won’t be as furious as I was in 2010.

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