Moment captured

To the Journal editor:

My sincere thanks to The Mining Journal and particularly staff writer, Zach Jay, for the thoughtful piece on the tragic loss of Sanaz Nezami.

You certainly captured the essence of this accomplished and insightful young lady and shared the remarkable kindness and compassion of those who cared for her at the end.

Your detailed account in Saturday’s paper is all at once terribly painful and yet powerfully uplifting. It eloquently conveys both the very worst and very best this world has to offer.

The article vividly details the heartbreaking dilemma of the Nezami family in Iran as they come to terms with the loss of someone they deeply love and treasure.

Like so many of your readers, I would like to commend all of those who went above and beyond for Sanaz and for lovingly supporting her family through difficulties few of us can even imagine.

With her family’s understanding and acceptance, they donated her vital organs to seven people who will-along with their families-be forever grateful.

And through your telling of her story, Sanaz has shared the beauty of that heart with all of us.