Charitable giving still needed after holidays are over

By all accounts, the 2013 Mining Journal Christmas Cheer Club was a resounding success.

Area residents reached into their pocketbooks and hearts, giving thousands of dollars in cash, clothing and new toys so families could enjoy a great Christmas.

But with the holiday giving season behind us, many charities and charitable organizations, including ones right here in the Upper Peninsula, report what might be termed a drop off.

Very often, it seems, once the decorations come down and the Christmas tree has been placed at curbside for pickup, people place their altruistic impulses on hold until the next holiday season.

Area residents are among the most generous anywhere. They prove that, year after year, with the many donations to the Cheer Club and other holiday efforts.

But help is still needed. People still need medical care, warm clothing and food.

Please consider a donation to your favorite charity. Don’t stop helping, even though Christmas is over.