Snap Fitness: New Year, new owner, look, new equipment

Snap Fitness on the corner of West Washington and Third Street in Marquette has recently been purchased by Theresa Coates, current owner of Cycle Soleil. Snap Fitness and Cycle Soleil have always shared the same building, but now they have been consolidated under one owner, Theresa Coates. Both sides of the business have been renovated and now offer customers expanded space, services and equipment. Coates will be a visible owner/operator ready to help members achieve their fitness goals on a daily basis.

“Our atmosphere is non-intimidating and welcoming,” Coates said.

Snap Fitness offers top of the line Cybex equipment, including cardio and strength training equipment with no long-term binding fitness club contracts. According to Coates Snap Fitness is the best price and value gym in the area offering reasonable costs, a clean, safe environment, and fast fitness workouts with a customer-friendly staff willing to go over and above to make your membership worth every dollar spent.

With a new membership, Snap Fitness offers a free consultation giving the customer the opportunity for a personal trainer to review your medical and exercise history, learn your goals, test your strength, endurance, flexibility, and then recommend a customized workout plan.

After the free consultation, you can decide whether or not you want to continue with personal training for an additional fee aside from your membership. Snap’s three trainers are Cody Wheeler, Sarah Bagley, and Doug Heslip. They are eager to keep you motivated, expand your knowledge of exercising, and reach your goals with you.

Cody Wheeler has received his Personal Training Certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, played four years of football for Northern Michigan University, and went on to receive an internship as Assistant Defensive Backs Coach and Strength Coach. He also developed a strength and conditioning program for the football team.

Sarah Bagley received her Personal Training Certification from The American Council on Exercise. (A.C.E.) She has been successfully training individuals all throughout Marquette and the surrounding areas. Her passion lies in helping clients succeed in their fitness goals throughout the entire process of training. She is a well-rounded trainer and focuses on making fitness fun, motivating and specific to the individual.

Doug Heslip has received his Personal Training Certification through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a Performance Enhancement Specialist and a USA Football Instructor. Heslip has had numerous published articles in Gridiron Strategies Magazine. His focus is athletic training using The VertiMax Training System.

The VertiMax is the world’s leading athletic training device to maximize speed, vertical jump and overall athletic performance from youth to Pro levels. Used by the NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, and college and youth athletes across the US, VertiMax has become the world’s leading Multi-sport training equipment.

Head Volleyball Coach and Little League Softball Coach Michael Morgan said, “The VertiMax is the best training system that I have seen for improving an athlete’s explosiveness. Whether it be first step quickness or vertical jump, the VertiMax improves explosive movement efficiently and effectively. It does this all while not overloading the athlete’s joints, which aids in injury prevention. As a high school volleyball coach, and a girls fast pitch softball coach, I see the value in improving an athlete’s explosiveness.”

Morgan added, “It gives them the edge they need to help their teams be successful. I believe in the system so much that all three of my children are currently training on the VertiMax. They compete in sports ranging from volleyball to basketball to softball and baseball. The improvements I have seen in their athletic ability has been nothing less than astounding.”

Inside Snap Fitness is Cycle Soleil, Marquette’s only indoor cycling studio that features RealRyder Bikes, RealRyder Bikes simulate real biking movements and strengthen and firm far more muscle groups than stationary cycling bikes. RealRyder Bikes allow the rider to tilt, turn, lean and steer bringing the fun and freedom that a real bike offers. The bikes offer superior biomechanical, physiological, and emotional benefits over your ordinary stationary bike keeping the rider engaged.

A new addition to Cycle Soleil this year is virtual rides where participants will ride while watching a cycling workout video on a very large screen via a High Definition projector system. The videos feature high-intensity interval workouts, killer soundtracks, great storylines and local and worldwide footage. They are suitable for all cyclists from beginners to professionals. Virtual rides can focus on mountain biking, snow biking or road biking. Class schedules and times are available at The first class is free and scheduling and payment can be done online.

“We offer a great cardio workout that engages your core, legs, and upper body. Our instructors are the best in the area and our routines and music are inspiring,” Coates explains. “You won’t get bored in one of our classes and we welcome all age groups and fitness levels.”

On Saturday, Snap Fitness and Cycle Soleil is having an eleven hour sale event.

“Current members as well as new members can take advantage of the best prices in Marquette County,” Coates said.

For more information call Cycle Soleil at 906-369-6280 or Snap Fitness at 906-226-7627.