Munising Facebook page has unexpected impact, results

What started out as a light-hearted attempt to give Munising residents, former and otherwise, an online opportunity via Facebook to reconnect, turned into something much more significant – and just in time for the holidays.

“You know you are from Munising if …” has 1,770 members who have shared snippets of local lore, photos and memories of people and activities that were unique to the area. A story in Friday’s Mining Journal authored by Staff Writer Sylvia Stevens had details.

Out of that effort came another Facebook page titled, Munising Miracles, where members of the initial page could donate to help Munising-area families in need.

Some donated a dollar, others much more. Eight families with 16 children were helped. And that’s just for openers.

Organizers hope Munising Miracles will be continuous, running throughout the year with the possibility of becoming a non-profit organization some day.

We do, too. It’s an outstanding example of the good things that can happen when people work together.