City crew saved day

To the Journal editor:

The staff and members of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marquette express our sincere gratitude to the city workers of Marquette for their quick response and commitment in repairing the water main break on West Fair Avenue Christmas Eve.

Words cannot begin to express our thanks and appreciation not only for repairing the water main but also for cleaning our parking lot and making it safe for worshipers on Christmas Eve.

Your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your families on Christmas Eve cannot be repaid except to say we thank you all.

Your plans were set aside to serve our community as you worked well into the night to complete the repair.

We are blessed in the Marquette community to have such selfless workers who give of themselves in service to our community and its residents.

God bless you and thank you for the incredible job you did, and for the incredible work you do that often goes unnoticed.

Redeemer Lutheran Church