Giving up keys on New Year’s Eve is the right thing to do

The coming of the new year is almost always a joyous occasion. It’s a time to gather together with friends and family and look back on the year gone by, reminiscing on the good times had and looking forward to whatever the future brings.

With one of the biggest partying nights of the year just a day away, we’d like to take the time to remind everyone to stay safe at the end of this holiday season.

By now, everyone knows how dangerous drinking and driving can be. It has caused the death of too many people and the devastation of too many families.

State and local police will be out in full force New Year’s Eve to help ensure those who’ve had a few too many don’t put their lives, and the lives of others in danger. But it shouldn’t just be the threat of jail that keeps people from sitting behind the wheel. Giving up your keys is simply the morally right thing to do because it’s not just you you’re putting at risk when you try to drive. It’s every other New Year’s Eve reveler heading home too.

So we implore everyone planning on going out and having a good time to make sure they have a sober driver to take them home. Or, there are a number of local cab services that are more than willing to take you back home, where you can ring in the new year with a slight headache from your living room, rather than a jail cell, or worse.

We hope area residents get out this New Year’s Eve to whatever party they have planned, whether that be the corner of Front and Washington streets in Marquette for the annual ball drop or to a friend’s house for a little warmer gathering place.

We also hope they keep themselves, and those around them, safe and sound so everyone can begin the often fruitless task of sticking to their new year’s resolutions in 2014.