Shutdown hurt public

To the Journal editor:

A recent letter claimed the recent government shutdown was a “reckless” GOP action and of course was placing politics above public safety. The my-way-or-the-highway attitude of President Obama was the reason for this shutdown. Obamacare was clearly viewed as destructive to the economy and too disruptive and expensive to our healthcare system to anyone who has a brain. The Democrats could have agreed to delay or modify the law, as suggested by Republicans, and our government would have continued on. But not so, this law which they did not read, was going to be pushed through no matter what. In this case the “what” was a government shutdown. Just who are the ones who place politics above the public?

I would think that those who pay hundreds of millions of our dollars for a dysfunctional website; who then lie to our citizens about keeping their doctor or how they will save once they enroll; who do no homework regarding the potential effects of this law; who ensure that they are unaffected; who never admit any mistake until the roof falls in; who blame everyone else; who never fire anyone who is incompetent; and will say, or avoid saying, anything to win an election; are the ones who are reckless. The whole concept of spreading wealth is just as reckless as spreading the health.

We have an economy based on a capitalist system, in which each individual is tasked with seeking his livelihood and his healthcare in his own way. The more freedom and flexibility we have – the better.

Should we try to avoid future shutdowns? Of course. So we should vote for the party of less government, less debt, and more accountability. Let’s vote for congressmen and presidents who understand that leadership is about sensible priorities and negotiating, not partisanship, speechmaking, and “winning.”