Hail the Hematites

To the Journal editor:

Congrats to the 2013 Ishpeming football team. Back to back! Remember in 1975? How about 1979? Again last year in 2012 and this year 2013. All Underdogs. Detroit Free Press said they couldn’t win. All the hoopla I read about Detroit Loyola playing class A and B teams to get ready for a possible rematch. Maybe they should fix their games next year to play some U.P. teams. What they didn’t do was play a bunch of young men that play with pride, respect, and teamwork and a coach that treats them like his own. And of course all the yooper unity. If they were a Munising fan, a Negaunee, Iron Mountain, Houghton or anywhere in the U.P. they all pulled together and rooted for yooper teams. You just can’t beat that. Coach Olsen you are truly the real deal. Coach of the decade as far as I’m concerned. So my heart goes out to you and every person that helps you get these young men to play with pride, respect and as a team. Congrats to all the other teams that made it below the bridge. Yep, might not have won the big game but you all won the respect of yooper fans. So if it’s football, basketball, volleyball, just do your best and win or lose, you are all winners. Yep, they all down below want revenge, but they underestimate the little guy and gals above the bridge. I myself graduated 45 minutes northeast of Detroit in 75. I went to the Ishpeming football game and sat in the Ishpeming fans area. It was then that I decided I wanted to live in the Ishpeming area. I moved here in 1977 and became a yooper transplant. They down below just don’t have what our sports programs have respect and pride. We just go play our hearts out. So just go do your best and I will be rooting for all the teams and so will the whole U.P. Congrats to you all. U.P. Power!