Mich. residents covered by new health law”

Michigan residents who will be most affected in 2014 by the federal health care law, which begins covering people on Wednesday:

– 320,000 low-income adults earning up to 133 percent of the poverty level are expected to enroll in Medicaid starting around April 1.

– Four in 10 of the newly Medicaid-eligible are between ages 19 and 24, and 77 percent don’t have children.

– Half of those eligible for the Medicaid expansion are employed, a much higher percentage than those now enrolled in the government medical insurance program.

– 127,000 people are expected to sign up for a private plan through the federal insurance marketplace, not counting workers who could be moved into the exchange by their employers.

– Nearly half of those eligible for the market, or exchange, are between ages 45 and 64.

– Seven in 10 eligible for subsidized marketplace coverage via tax credits are currently employed.