Final 2013 Cheer Club donors tallied

MARQUETTE – The final donors to the 2013 Mining journal Cheer Club include:

Lilly Lotterman of Negaunee

Marquette County DHS

Betty and Jim Steward of Negaunee

Karen and Frank Nettell of Marquette

AMCAB of Marquette

River Valley Bank of Marquette

Teresa Vilona of Negaunee

MGH Education Department of Marquette

Rayna Makela of Marquette

Katie and Kerrie Myers of Ishpeming

Priscilla Burnham and Lou Chappell of Marquette

Jane and Daniel Politi of Marquette

Drew Zerbel and Nicholas of Marquette

Paul and Darlene Kyto of Harvey

Brody Sheldon of Marquette

Brynn Sheldon of Marquette

Axel and Jackson of Marquette

Ed and Judy White in memory of Rod

Sarah Johnson, Patrick and Ruby

Bob and Peggy Jensen of Marquette

Sharon and Ron Rule and our 10 grandchildren

Aiden, Ethan and seurin Swanson

Alex and Stefanie Nadeau

Lee Hamari

Joni Elisabeth Heino of Negaunee

Ben and Barb Yunkari of Marquette

Russ and Angela DuFay of Marquette

Wayne Price of Marquette

MSHS National Honor Society

Mara Heino

Aili Menard

Steve and Lisa Bigalk of Marquette

Sherry and Gene Arntsen of Marquette

Susan Roubal and Michael Neiger of Marquette

Joey and Drew Elmhirst

Addyson and Taryn Sayen of Gwinn

Joe and Diane Elmhirst

Ken and Cheryl Palmer of Marquette

Sean O’Dounell and Paige of Negaunee

Hayden Steltenpohl of Marquette

Jim and Carol McCutcheon of Marquette Bacheland, Rylee Gustofson of Negaunee

Mrs. Carlson’s Third Grade Class

Chase Bonovetz

Madicyn Carlson

James Dank

Brayden Dustan

Faith Dutter

Dylan Giese

Matthew Heikkila

Gavin Jacobson

Eliana Juchemich

Catelyn Klavitter

Madison LaForest

Tatum LaPine

Haylee Lenten

Sydney Libby

Philip Nelson

Braxton Nummela

Mckenzine Rae

Marianah Speaker

Autumn Uren

Dustin Wertanen

Anistaisa Zumpf

Quilt by Hope Free Lutheran Church Quilting Group

Carson and Cora Wernholm

Sarah Tinkey

Army Vets Ladies Auxiliary #122 Ishpeming

Brian and Kim Smolich

Cooper and Rylee Harris

Steve and Vickie Kangos

Hope Free Lutheran Sunday School of Ishpeming

Immanuel Lutheran of Negaunee

Ron and Sue Reynolds of Ishpeming

John and Nancy O’Neil

Ron and Sheree Mariani

Made Arrangements

Colleen Sundblad in honor of Isacc Carter

Wesley United Methodist Church

NICE Community Schools

IHS Class of 1950