Jacobetti workers deserve credit

To the Journal editors:

I have been a regular visitor of the Jacobetti Home for Veterans for last several years. Two years with my wife’s father, Axel Johnson and the past nine years with my uncle, Jack Rousseau. I would like to comment on the care that these individuals and other veterans who are residents there receive.

I have observed in that time how caring and concerned all the staff and doctors are to the veterans who live there. This is not an easy job, but they do it very well. There are no negatives in the care given by these wonderful individuals. They are always up-beat and encouraging. They make the daily lives of individuals who have served our country the best it can possibly be. They make this facility an amazing place, one, we in the Upper Peninsula are very fortunate to call our own.

I encourage you readers to help in any way you can. It could be to become a visitor, some vets do not get a lot of visitors, or a volunteer. You may belong to a group that could plan an activity or at this holiday time ask the staff what you can do to make a vets Christmas better. In any case, I hope if you know someone that works there, please make a special effort to thank them for their many kindness to those who gave for their country.