Nyquist a real inspiration for everyone

To the Journal editor:

Sophie Nyquist. What an inspiration she should be for her peers, and everyone else as well. Not too long ago, she wrote an editorial expressing her views on the current priorities of many students in schools today. Unfortunately, these priorities involve a significant dependence on the materialistic philosophy of life. Yes, that misguided belief that the more you have the happier you’ll be, and the higher your status will be elevated amongst your classmates. How wonderful that Sophie has the wisdom to understand the folly of that mentality. And what makes it even more special is the fact that she’s only eleven years old.

It has always astounded me how people will be swayed by the marketing ploys of greedy companies. Those large conglomerates who hire public relations whiz kids to convince the consumer that if they’re not purchasing “brand name” products, then somehow they’re falling short of the best that life has to offer. And as occurs in so many cases, the pressure on these children originates not only from their classmates, but from their parents as well. Fortunately, there continue to be parents who can look beyond this mindset and teach their children what really is important in life. They may not be thanked for it today, but I’m certain the rewards will be self-evident when their children are grown.

Are children who wear brand named clothes bad kids? Of course they’re not. But when what they’re wearing becomes their identity, and determines where they stand in the proverbial class hierarchy, then that’s where a problem exists. And that is particularly true when it becomes detrimental to other students.

In closing, I can’t express strongly enough how proud I am of Sophie for sharing her thoughts on this topic. And whether she’s aware of it or not, she certainly has some very strong leadership qualities that will benefit her in the future. I can only hope that her classmates, and yes the adults who read her editorial, will take her wisdom to heart.

Bruce Gustafson