Final countdown to Christmas is winding down

The buildup to Christmas has seemed longer this year than it has in the past.

Going all the way back to Thanksgiving as usual, and even before as commercials and Christmas songs tried to drown out our yearly day of thanks.

The final countdown to Christmas is finally here. There is only today left before we can officially celebrate many people’s favorite holiday.

Children all over the world will impatiently look to the night sky starting at dusk to spy Santa Claus making his famous journey to deliver millions upon millions of toys.

As he is every year, he’ll be tracked by NORAD and updates of his whereabouts can be seen at

Families will finish their travel to spend the holiday with loved ones, and it’s a good time to reflect on how thankful we are in this season.

The Salvation Army in conjunction with The Mining Journal and hundreds of businesses, families and individuals helped to make sure that needy families could give their children Christmas via the annual Cheer Club.

Hundreds of toys and games and donations to purchase children’s gifts poured into the Journal and The Salvation Army. What a great community we live in, one in which those with plenty give to those in need.

When the dawn arrives in the morning and all those children who may not be expecting to see anything under their tree wake up to see that Santa really didn’t forget about them, they’ll feel the spirit of Christmas; whether they know it or not.

From all of us at The Mining Journal, we wish you a Merry Christmas.