Many do care

To the Journal editor:

On Dec. 5 of this year an article titled, “Care about homeless” written by Julie Burch to the editor commented that no one cares and no one is willing to spend money on the homeless.

My letter is to tell you that there are many who do care. There are volunteers in the community who are helping the homeless day and night. They use out of pocket money, church and local community donations to run the program.

There are many local churches working together that donate their facilities so the homeless can have a warm and safe place to sleep. This program, also known as Room at the Inn, is opened in September and runs until May and this is in its seventh season. The Agape Cafe on Third Street is also for the less fortunate and is opened during the same months and the volunteers are there at 6 a.m. to greet us and feed us.

The newly purchased building downtown on Washington Street is being renovated to become the new cafe and will be opened all year round. The homeless will be able to have a hot breakfast, a shower, do laundry and use the computer and perhaps even some craft classes will be available.

Room at the Inn volunteers are constantly working to make life as pleasant as possible for us knowing that it can get pretty rough especially during the winter months.

When we arrive at the shelter at 6 p.m., cold, tired and hungry, there is coffee ready, a hot meal and warm beds waiting for us. All the volunteers are pleasant and they make sure our needs are cared for.

Also, there is a social worker who is on hand for all our questions and paperwork and a M.D. also comes to check on us.

The volunteers, coordinators and board members at Room at the Inn are special people with big hearts. They give because they want to, they help because they care and expect nothing in return.

So don’t let anyone fool you. There are many devoted and caring people who are there for the homeless and they are doing whatever it takes to make life livable for those of us in need.

Thank you.