An interview with Santa Claus

Members of 8-18 Media had a chance to do what millions of children all over the world wish for:?Meet and talk to Santa Claus

Two reporters from 8-18 Media, Aidan Pascoe and Anja Williams McBride, recently caught up with Santa Claus after a day of listening to area children’s Christmas wishes at the Westwood Mall in Marquette. Here is what old St. Nick had to say:

8-18 Media: About how many children do you see each day, and are they all happy to see you?

Santa: I would say I see about 60 kids each day and most of them are very happy to see me.

8-18 Media: What are most of the kids asking for this year?

Santa: PlayStations, Xboxes, remote controlled cars and American Girl dolls are the big hits for this year.

8-18 Media: What are some of the unusual things kids ask for?

Santa: Cereal dispensersand reindeerare probably the most unique things kids have asked for.

8-18 Media: What touches you most when you talk to the children?

Santa: The trust the kids have when they come to me is what touches me the most.

8-18 Media: How do you deal with requests that are tough or impossible?

Santa: I just tell the children, ‘I’ll see what I can do’, and if it’s something I know I can’t do I’ll just say I don’t think I can but I’ll still see what I can do.

8-18 Media: Do you have any examples of funny or interesting things kids have said to you?

Santa: I did have a kid ask for an elf of mine so that the elf could help them do homework. That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve had.

8-18 Media: What message do you have for the kids’ behavior this time of year?

Santa: Santa gives a lot of chances but this is the time of year that they really have to take advantage of being extra good.

8-18 Media: What will you be doing on Christmas day after your long night?

Santa: I will probably be relaxing next to my fireplace with Mrs. Claus drinking hot cocoa.

8-18 Media: Is there anything you would like to add?

Santa: Just I wish everybody, especially all the children, a very merry Christmas.