Cheer Club once again supplies toys for area familes in need

The final list of donors to the 2013 Mining journal Cheer Club include:

Frank Kerwin and Susan Micensky

Peter and Sigrid Beale

The Richard Kartum Family

Peter Walma Family

John and Sandy Kivela

Judy and Verne Wilhelm

In memory of Lillian Ross

Sue and Norm Hefke

Redeemer Lutheran Sunday School

Ida and Henrik Larsen

Josie and Jamie Thomson and Carol Suksi

Symons Grandkids Caylie, Ryan, Morgan and Jillian

Helen and Fawell Johnson

Bob and Wanda Leach

Sig and Phyllis Olson

Employee Benefits Agency

Sierra Hendrickson

Andrew and Sarah Du Fay

Cindy Ampe

Gavin, Allison and Coby Wallace of Marquette

The Fedey’s Erin, Jim, Linda of Marquette

Cory Hambleton of Marquette

Judy Carlson of Marquette

Patti and Joe Ketvirtis

Dr. Stephen Wissler and Family

Tab and Sherrie Willey of Negaunee

In loving memory of Father Jamie

Bob, Kris, Eve, Erica, Haley and Stacy Sibly Family

St. Joseph Church

Sandra Latzer and John Decaire

Ed and Judy White in memory of God

Justin and Josh Lewis Davonte and Nico Harvala and Autumn Bodoh

Alaina and Abby Depin

The girls of Iron Range Agency

Mary Trolla of Negaunee

Dan and Carol Kurian of Ishpeming

Dylan and Tyler Solomon of Humboldt

In memory of Daryl T. Solomon of Ishpeming

Mrs. Morton’s 3rd Grade

Don and Mary Leece and Grand Children

John and Beverly Wykes

Judy Ridge

Ray and Valvda Kauppila of Ishpeming

Katherine Pope of Ishpeming

Arvo Pope of Ishpeming

Maccia Anderson of Ishpeming

Patt and Tom Gardyko of Negaunee

Gary and Carol O’Brien of Champion

Dick and Diana Pitlawich

Pete and Ann Nault in memory of Andy Nault of Ishpeming

Olivia and Ethan Nault of SouthHaven Miss.

Adam and Natalie Ethridge of Troy

Axel Carlson

Marquette County Quilters Association

Randy and Kyle Gardner of Republic

Ron and Jane Santora of Ishpeming

Ron and Sheree Marioni of Ishpeming

Dan and Rita Niemist of Ishpeming

Peter and Bill Rice of Ishpeming

Sharon Giotto of Ishpeming

Made Arrangements of Ishpeming

Jim, Tonya, Michael, Zachary Allen of Ishpeming

John, Toini Lahti of Ishpeming

Earl and Jean Eliason of Champion

Marilyn and Greg Mahoski of Ishpeming

Ladies Auxiliary 4573 of Ishpeming

Ernie and Gloria Harjce of Champion

Harold and Nancy Nyman of Gwinn

Jack Herman of Gwinn

Craig Vanhistyne of Gwinn

Pat Seyer of Gwinn

Lisa and Jason Salzweclei of Gwinn

Kaihryn and Tony Pavis of Gwinn

Rob and Kelly Downard of Depire Wis.

Kevin Houle of Gwinn

Pastur Family of Gwinn

Jim and Marlene Pirotte of Gwinn