DHS in wrong

To the Journal editor:

I have found out that DHS is discriminating against the disabled and other people who need food stamps.

They cut the food stamps so low that you can’t live on them and if you have kids, it is not going to feed any of you. DHS thinks it is funny that it can do this and blame Lansing.

Well, Lansing is not our caseworkers, DHS workers are. They are the ones who put the food stamps into the computer not Lansing.

So what does DHS want everyone to do for food if they can’t get the food stamps they need? How are we suppose to eat? DHS doesn’t care about the disabled or the people who are on food stamps that need them.

They just care about the money just like every other agency. The only ones who care about the disabled and help them is SAIL. I think DHS needs to put everyone’s food stamps back to $200 where it was in the first place.