Mine challenged?

To the Journal editor:

Thanks (to The Mining Journal) for publishing the Petosky comments on the abominable wolf-hunt.

It is not the wolf which is at fault. Mr. Snyder, Creogh and Mason fail to answer my request for the “science” in the design of the hunt. It is best described by the lady as being comparable to shooting 43 residents in the city, at random, to control the crime rate.

Thanks too for publishing Brian’s observations concerning our need to mine metals and other resources. I agree with most of them but would wager that, like most folks, he does not know that the application for permits was fraudulent, that the criminals cannot be prosecuted because mining in Michigan is regulated solely by MDEQ, not the Feds, and MDEQ was and is in bed with Kennecott and with Rio Tinto.

How Lundin handles the miscarriage of justice has yet to be seen, but Brian should know that only a small proportion of the proceeds from the mine will stay in this country. They too plan to take the loot and run.

Jack Parker

South Range