Beautiful music

To the Journal editor:

This letter is in response to the Dec. 9 Mining Journal article regarding the Ishpeming Wesley United Methodist Church addressing church bell complaints of a local resident with the city council.

I, like the person who is complaining about the volume and timing of the bells, live in close vicinity to Wesley and fully support the playing of the bells. I encourage the community and city council to continue to do the same.

How silly to complain about church bells. I rarely hear the bells above the normal background noises of our house, and during those rare quiet moments when we do, what a pleasant sound.

As councilwoman Elaine Racine stated in the article, the bells bring “a moment of peace in your life.” My two young children, who have never been disturbed from a nap due to the sound, also enjoy the music and will stop briefly from whatever they are doing to listen to the bells.

I hope the members of Wesley understand that the absurd request to limit their church bells is not supported by others in this neighborhood. Please continue to provide the beautiful music.

Katie Barron