Couldn’t receive a better gift

It’s that time of year again when people ask me what I want for Christmas, and now that I’m older I can never come up with even one thing, so I always say gift cards.

I know that some people think that a gift card is a copout gift, but I really like getting them. My go-to gift card places are always Amazon or Kohls. A $25 gift card to Amazon can get me a good number of Kindle books and when it comes to Kohls, I could always use more scarfs. Though my boyfriend might argue that I couldn’t.

As a kid I could probably list 20 things that I wanted for Christmas, but as an adult, when my parents ask what I want, I always tell them a gift card because all the “toys” I would like are way too expensive for even me to afford so I wouldn’t dare ask my parents for them. Lets just say it would be easier to be a photographer if I was rich.

But the best Christmas present of all came a couple weeks ago when my best friend Jessi texted me saying that Santa was bringing her the greatest present either of us could ever ask for, her husband Andrew would be coming back from the Middle East just in time for Christmas. I consider Andrew to be my best guy friend ever and he treats me like a sister. He’s only been overseas for about six months, but as anyone who has a loved one over there knows, that’s still six months longer than I’m comfortable with.

Even though I probably won’t be able to physically see him for a couple a months, I’m just grateful to know that he’ll be home soon safe in Kansas with Jessi. It’s more than I could have ever wished for and I definitely can’t wait to see him again. I just hope that more people around the country will be getting as great of present as we did this holiday season.

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