Donations to Cheer Club coming in but much still needed

Strides were made this week in the 2013 Mining Journal Cheer Club. Strides were made but complete goals were certainly not accomplished.

For example, Marquette General Hospital CEO Gary Muller and his wife, Sandi, dropped off a check for $2,000 to the newspaper’s Marquette office. It’s important to note that the money came from the Mullers personally and not MGH.

And then Commemorative Bucks of Michigan brought by a truckload of toys for the club, more than 300 individual items valued at more than $3,000.

These are but two examples of the kind of generosity the area is showing this holiday season. Certainly, there have been others.

We encourage area residents to continue to donate so that those who are less fortunate will have a wonderful Christmas.

We have every confidence that the club, coordinated by the Salvation Army, will meet its goals this year.