Don’t cave in

To the Journal editor:

In Negaunee for many years at noon, yhe Immanuel Lutheran Church played bells and everybody just loved them.

I myself never heard a complaint. I guess the only reason they ceased is because of parts being defective or something on that order.

Getting back to the bells in Ishpeming at Wesley United Methodist Church, my hat is off to Elaine Racine questioning how many discontents were complaining about this. One was the reported tally.

Pastor Lindeberg has attempted to appease this one, but like he said, nothing will make her happy unless they curtail the bells or like in Negaunee, expensive parts will be needed.

It is so refreshing to see people not caving in like cheap erector sets in order to make the minority happy.

Remember, some will never be happy. This is a main reason this country is in dire straits with all this politically-correct garbage.

Sonny Guizzetti