What He has done

To the Journal editor:

I don’t know what many people of any age think about this saying but then again I guess it doesn’t really matter because he is returning and it doesn’t really matter if a person believe it or not, he is coming again, I guess the question is are you ready for his return?

This is a serious thing that is going to happen because to him it is serious he says he wants all people to know him and accept his gift of salvation. One person told me and this person is a very important person to me that they went to sunday school and they didn’t really like it but they went because I guess they were told to.

I think that is the problem. Many people and I guess I am one of them people, bring their children to sunday school but they themselves don’t go themselves, therefore I guess it is hard for children to know of the Lord if their parents don’t know.

Well I guess it really doesn’t matter if you did or not the thing that does matter is the Bible is more than likely in every home, read it and it will tell you all you need to know about him and all that he did for you and me.

You are a sinner in the eyes of God.

It is hard to go in the presence of God and ask him for forgiveness, but its is what he would like for you to do and it sure isn’t hard, because you are looking through the eyes of God.

In order to get even near heaven you have to know him in your heart and that is where he will dwell. You think hell is going to be a fun place because like the saying goes “all my friends will be there” that is so far from that saying. It will be an everlasting time of torment.

I asked Christ into my life and what a new life it has been. He provides for me and always will more even imagine. Praying to him is so important. He listens and if it is his will he will answer, just follow him he will talk to you you just have to listen and follow the best you can.

He will know I thank him always for his goodness. I look forward for his return.

Carol Palmer