Splits, spares and strikes: Holiday Doubles tournament easy to enter

If you’re a league bowler at Superior Lanes in Marquette or Country Lanes in Ishpeming, you may have heard something about a “holiday” tournament at the lanes during the last week or two.

It’s an effort by the Marquette County U.S. Bowling Congress Association board to hold a fairly inexpensive event that anybody even without much extra time can participate in.

This is the third year for the Holiday Doubles, which continues through Friday.

The genesis of this tournament came from some brainstorming by the board – of which I’m a member – about how to get better participation in the annual association tournament usually held during mid-winter.

As an event mandated by the national USBC organization, there are a few limits on how we can run the association tourney. We figured by running another tournament, the Holiday Doubles, we could make it exactly how we wanted.

The major difference between this event and a regular tournament is that your league scores double up to also count as a Holiday Doubles entry.

Each night, you can pick anyone from your league as a partner. Each partner pays $5.

Handicap is 100 percent, so in effect it’s a pins-over-average race without any special advantage for higher-average bowlers. In addition, all of the entry fee is returned in prizes, since there’s virtually no overhead, with one in three entries making the prize list.

There’s just a few limits on the total number of partners you can have, though I know multiple partners are allowed each night.

Sign up before or right at the start of bowling, and scores will be reported from league recaps into the tourney standings.

Dave Stevenson, who compiling the standings, sent me the standings through the first week and a half.

Jeff Miller and Scott Salminen, bowling in the Tuesday Major League at Country, were in first place with 1,591. Stevenson also provided me the cutoff total to cash, which right now is 34th place out of the current 104 entries, and is at 1,435.

That’s only 55 pins over average, considering that tournament handicap is figured from 230. With 100 percent handicap, that means your average plus your handicap always equal 230. If you and your partner hit average every game, you’ll have six games of 230, which totals to 1,380.

Now let’s look at those Mining Journal Bowlers of the Week for two weeks, Nov. 15-21 and Nov. 22-28, whose performances would have made them awfully popular in the Holiday Doubles, if only you knew they were going to bowl that well beforehand:

Starting with Nov. 15-21, Dave Kangas eked out a two-pin victory for the men, all of them seniors, with 125 pins over his 180 average in the Tuesday Major at Country with 665 on games of 190, 241 and 234.

Close runner-up was Eugene Larson at 123 over in the Monday Northern Electric Automotive Industrial at Country, using a 164 average and shooting 615 with a 215 high. In third was Bob Maki of the Wednesday Trio at Country at plus-113 with a 197 average, 704 series and 277 high.

For the ladies, Carol Masuga won with 142 pins over her 148 average with 586 and a high game of 213 in the Tuesday Night Mixed at Superior.

Next was a pair of Tuesday T&T Ladies bowlers at Country – Paulette Kordish was 125 over her 138 average with 539 and a top game of 214, while Sunshine Langsford was 117 over her 99 average with 414 and a 173 high game.

From Nov. 22-28, Scott Salminen won a high-scoring men’s race with 156 over his 204 average with 768 on games of 277, 255 and 236 in the Tuesday Major, while Chris Holman was just two pins back at plus-154 in the Friday Nite Mixed at Country with a 175 average, 679 series and top game of 243.

Third was Clay Sandberg in the Wednesday SIR Federal Credit Union at Country at 148 over his 212 average with 784 and a 266 high.

For the women, Nicole Quart took honors at 89 pins over her 111 average with 422 on games of 116, 121 and 185 in the Friday 800 Mixed at Superior.

The next two both came from the Friday Nite Mixed at Country, Nichole Treloar just two pins back at 87 over her 126 average with a 465 series and 181 top game, while Briana Olson was 81 over her 113 average with 420 on a 166 best.