List made

To the Journal editor:

It was a Sunday and the Green Bay Packers were playing the Minnesota Vikings. No real preference to me as I’m from Chicago, but (Packers quarterback) Aaron Rodgers is from Chico, Calif., and that’s the only redemption from total hatred.

(Cowboys quarterback Tony) Romo is from Burlington, Wis., home of the world’s greatest hamburger, and that redeems Dallas. I’m funny in these ways to avoid total hatred.

There are certain things that I hate 100 percent. Most car commercials and one in particular. I can almost change the channel with the hate.

I hate this guy because he epitomizes some thing that I really hate. Certain words if parroted over and over, I hate. Source and resources held the top spot until the game.

The word domination was used to the point of pushing the button. Oh, they’re really dominating and totally dominating. I fixed on that. The burka boys dominate.

Thugs and bullies dominate and crazy people with guns, but usually they are dominated by the police and if some how they’re not killed, they’d be dominated by the prison boys. History is littered with hated dominators.

Do we as a nation want to dominate? Because if we do, and here’s another one. What kind of a message do we want to send to the rest of the world? I would suggest large spending on medical education with an emphasis on radiation burns and if the message works, we’d have world peace and a robust medical resource to take care of the elderly, who hate getting old.

And I believe the Pisces is the dominant sign in the health care field. It all makes sense being that we’re mostly water. Funny, uh?

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer