Concerns expressed

To the Journal editor:

Having been born and raised in Marquette, I know the concerns of the people regarding the Marquette County Road 510 and AAA road construction.

I have been in that area a number of times over the years and know that it is a pristine area.

I would like to make a comment and a suggestion to those who oppose the construction of 510 and the AAA. Having worked for the (Michigan Department of Transportation) for a number of years, I would suggest to the county highway board to put some specifications in the proposed plan, to hopefully appease those who are against building of the road.

And it is this, after the ore is mined out and the road is no longer used to transport ore, the county should require that the road and the route be restored back to its original, as close as possible, condition.

My experience in highway construction, as I mentioned, the specifications we put in the contract, required that the contractor restore any areas used for his purposed, back to it original state.

Now if the people are set against project, maybe, just maybe, it could be worked out so everyone could benefit. I would hope that the people would give this some thought. Maybe the county has already thought of this and maybe not.

They, the county highway board, should also make sure that who ever owns the rights to the mine at the time the ore runs out that they be held responsible for restoring the site back to original state. Another thing to consider. The traffic on the road the mine uses now is quite heavy, I’ve been told. Take into account the winters and the ice on roads.

No one wants an accident that would seriously hurt anyone.