Socks that rock

MARQUETTE- Marquette Alternative High School is hosting their second annual Rock the Socks campaign this week.

Rock the Socks collects new, warm socks to donate to those who are less fortunate in Marquette County. It’s also raises awareness that people in the community struggle financially, as well as the awareness of homelessness in the area, said MAHS English teacher and Rock the Socks advisor Cindy DePetro.

“When we were looking for some sort of community project last year, where we give back to our community, we found out after interviewing many places that one of the things they do not receive donations for were socks,” she said. “So we’re really hoping that the community will come to all of these drop off sites and just load these boxes up.”

Last year MAHS collected 2,900 pairs of socks before doing a sock toss at a Northern Michigan University hockey game. After the sock toss they had collected 3,427 pairs of socks to donate.

“We are really hoping to beat that number this year, but we really need the community to help because we aren’t able to do the sock toss at NMU this year,” DePetro said.

According to DePetro, there will be more drop off sites than there were last year and some schools were even contacting her before hand to find out if the MAHS was going to do it again this year.

“To get people to say that they are on board is impressive but it also says a lot about our community,” she said. “One of the reasons why I love the U.P., especially the Marquette area, is that we’re just a people who give and give. There was a huge sense of pride in the fact that the kids, the teachers, the businesses and the administration, together, wanted to do this.”

On Wednesday, the participating schools will “rock” their socks by taking their shoes off and walking around in just their socks.

“It’s fun but it’s also to get everybody to pay attention to the fact that not everybody has a warm pair of socks, and we all know what socks do for us,” DePetro said.

One of the students participating in Rock the Socks for the second year is junior Sam Lundquist, 17, who said she participated because she wants to give back to the community.

“It’s nice to help out with stuff that people don’t think to donate like socks,” she said. “Everybody out there donates heavy coats, hats and gloves but nobody thinks to donate socks.”

Socks can be donated at MAHS, Marquette Senior High School, Sandy Knoll Elementary, Superior Hills Elementary, Marquette Area Public Schools central office, Vandenboom Early Childhood program, St. Christopher’s, Crayon Club, Father Marquette Middle School, North Star Academy, NICE Community Schools, Ishpeming High School, Negaunee High School, Elder Agency, Select Realty, Hot Plate and NMU School of Education.

For more information about Rock the Socks, contact the Marquette Alternative High School at 225-4302.

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