Care about homeless

To the Journal editor:

I feel that there is nothing being done for the homeless people in Marquette. You think about yourselves more than the people that need help and a place to stay all year round.

You just say your sorry and you can’t help us, but do you know what it is like to be homeless and not have food to eat, place to put your head at night, no you don’t.

You have one place for the homeless to go and that is only open in October not all year around. If you all would care more about people like us and stop caring about how much money you spend and have more low income housing then there would not be a lot of homeless people and low income people like me can get into them even if you have bad credit.

Stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about us the homeless for a change. You all have buildings that could be fixed up for the homeless and they just sit there. you all could fix them up so there wouldn’t be homeless people.

Stop thinking about yourselves and the money that comes out of your pockets and how much you have to spend on the homeless and those people, that child and that family.

There are some people out there that use the homeless for their own needs then throw them away like trash. No one cares about the homeless no one cares how the homeless feel or how the disabled feel either.

All you really care about is the money that comes our of your pockets and what you can get out of it for yourself.

Julie Burch