County helps Forsyth defense

MARQUETTE – The Marquette County Board approved a $1,000 allocation this week to aid Forsyth Township with a Michigan Tax Tribunal appeal when the panel meets tonight in Marquette.

Kevin Koch, a Negaunee attorney representing Forsyth Township, recently contacted the board on the township’s behalf about an appeal by Superior Extrusion Inc. to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

“Superior Extrusion has appealed its request for a reduction in its taxes in conjunction with the K.I. Sawyer Renaissance Zone,” Koch wrote in a recent letter. “Forsyth Township requests any financial assistance in answering this appeal that the county is able to offer.”

The board had previously granted $1,000 to other townships involved in tax tribunal challenges and recently provided a $12,000 contribution to Marquette Township to fight a tax tribunal ruling involving big box stores before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

That allocation was expected to offset attorney and appraisal fees incurred over the past two years totaling more than $213,000. The vote to approve the measure was unanimous.