Greenleaf, Kendall record table runs in NCMPL


In week 13 results, Cascade Inn II thumped The Throttle, 11-4; Sturgis Saloon II dumped Gwinn VFW, 11-4; Crossroads Bar doubled up Gwinn Inn, 10-5; and Up North Lodge upended Cascade Inn, 9-6. Also, Happy Hour edged American Legion II, 9-6; The Throttle II trimmed Sturgis Saloon, 9-6; Jack’s Hideaway II toppled Jack’s Hideaway, 9-6; American Legion of Little Lake bested Happy Hour II, 8-7; and Cascade Inn II slipped past Jack’s Hideaway III, 8-7.

Table runs were turned in by Bob Greenleaf (2) and Dan Kendall for wins.


Gwinn Women’s Pool League

The Throttle beat Cascade, 14-1; VFW topped Richmond Township, 10-5; Sturgis defeated Jokers, 9-6; and Happy Hour II edged the American Girls, 8-7. Throttle II stopped Happy Hour, 9-6; the HideAway Tribe shaded Up North Lodge, 8-7; and Gwinn Inn nipped the Rowdies, 8-7.


Ishpeming Women’s Pool League

In play Nov. 19, VFW trimmed Hickey’s II, 9-7; Hickey’s I crushed Rainbow, 16-0; Paradise shaded Jack’s I, 9-7; and American Legion played Wonder Bar to an 8-all tie. Also, Venice clubbed Rumorz, 13-3; and Jack’s III had the bye.

In action Nov. 12, Hickey’s I drubbed Hickey’s II, 13-3; Jack’s III clobbered Jack’s I, 14-2; and American Legion edged Paradise, 9-7. In addition, Rainbow beat VFW, 10-6; Wonder Bar and Rumorz tied, 8-8; and Venice had the bye.

Julie Boule of Hickey’s I had a table run on Nov. 12.