Going forward, wolf hunt will add variety

With serious hunters willing to travel across the country and even around the world for a chance to hunt many different types of game, the 2013 Michigan wolf hunt in the Upper Peninsula adds variety, if for no other reason it’s unusual nature.

Hunters have the opportunity to harvest up to 43 wolves through the end of the month.

If the campaign is a success, the wolf hunt could be an annual event.

It’s unclear if a specific number of wolves to harvest would be set on a year-to-year basis, but with the wolf population healthy once again, hunting wolves should be an option for U.P. hunters.

While anti-wolf hunting groups will seek laws classifying the wolf as a non-game species, the wolf hunt offers hunters that little something extra right here in Michigan.

Like any other species that hunters pursue in the U.P., harvesting wolves should be revered as a special privilege and to continue the hunt would give local hunters a reason to hunt at home.