Answers needed

To the Journal editor:Why does every girl have to wear Uggs to be popular?

Why does every girl have wear skinny jeans to be popular?

Why does every girl have to have Starbucks to be popular?

Why can’t girls just be who they are and wear what they like and drink what they want!

Who cares if they don’t look like a model every day! I think bullying is just horrible. What is the point of it? To make others feel bad for nothing they did, just simply because they don’t do and wear what you do.

Why do you need Facebook and Instagram to be popular?

Why do you need an iPad, iPhone, or iPod to be popular?

Why do you need to do a certain sport to be popular?

Did you know that committing suicide is the third (leading) cause of death for 15-24 year olds. And 1 in 65,000 children ages 10-14 commit suicide each year. So the bullies have to live with that chipped piece in their heart their whole life; thinking that, that kid never got to get married, go to prom and have kids.

I hope that after you heard this you will never go around bullying other people.

Sophie Nyquist, 11 years old