Door repairs being done at Calumet Theatre

CALUMET – The Calumet Theatre is 113 years old, so it’s not unusual that various components are in need of repair occasionally, and Laura Miller said this time what needs repair are the building’s front entry doors.

Miller, who is The Calumet Theatre executive director, said for years the two sets of two front entry doors have been deteriorating, and although some work has been done on them, they recently got to the stage where significant repairs couldn’t be delayed.

All four of the entry doors will be removed to be refinished and refurbished, Miller said. The brass hardware, some of which is more than 50 years old, will be replaced, as will the pneumatic closers at the top of the doors.

Miller said the doors were in such poor shape they wouldn’t close properly, and duct tape had to be used to keep the locking mechanisms from catching at the bottom. One set of doors couldn’t be unlocked from the outside.

“Everything was so worn out, we couldn’t salvage it,” she said.

The door frames will have to be repaired, also, Miller said, as will the display case at the front of the building between the two doors.

The work for the doors and display case is being done by local contractor Posey Contracting, Miller said. The rehabilitation will cost at least $14,000.

Miller said the work on the doors and display case is being funded by money raised by past Grand Raffles. The current Grand Raffle ticket sales have begun. The cost for a ticket is $50. The grand prize is $20,000. There are nine prizes for seven places. For more information about raffle tickets, call the theatre at 337-2166.

This year, half the proceeds from the Grand Raffle ticket sales will go to the theatre elevator project. The plan is to construct an elevator to take patrons to the theatre ballroom. Other Grand Raffle proceeds are being used for a list of 29 items needing attention in the building, including the elevator. Some of those needs have been addressed.

Grand Raffle tickets can be purchased at: L&L Bar, Ace Hardware, and Newman Appliance, all in Calumet; River Valley Bank in Calumet and Houghton; Pizza Works in Houghton; and Miller’s Recreation in Laurium.

Miller said the raffle prize winning tickets will be drawn Dec. 7 during the performance by Elvis Presley impersonator Tony Rocker, who will do the drawings.