Morals lacking

To the Journal editor:

In response to the letter to the editor entitled, “Real sweat good,” I too am frustrated with this generations lack of experiences we older folks enjoyed growing up.

Our school district, by decree of the federal governmemt, replaced books with iPads at the beginning of the year. Here we are in November and the kids are masters at instant messaging each other during classes, playing games they’ve downloaded during school hours and spending days waiting their turn for the lone IT guy to get around to fixing whatever is ailing this technological wonder given to my fourth grader (in a ten-pound case), which by the way we parents are responsible for monetarily if something happens to it or needs to be replaced, stolen, etc.

Now dear sir, direct your attention the playground where teeter totters, football, kickball, etc. have been banned due to possible injuries, lawsuits against the federal school system but just try to get justice for a bullied child and forget about it.

By the way, I’ve yet to read a single word about the “one-hit quitter” thrill game reaching frightening proportions across the U.S. in this paper.

Let the readers do the homework if they wish to protect themselves/their children since the media has been curiously absent though Michigan is high on the list in occurrence.

If the author of the previous letter has ideas on how to raise our children in a country where parents are demonized for having old-fashioned morals in this frightening new progressive world, please, do tell!