Introducing new products: Northern Michigan Hearing

Few ailments are as subjective as tinnitus.

From what it sounds like to when it’s most annoying to how debilitating it can be, tinnitus affects every person differently. New Xino Tinnitus tackles the subjective nature of tinnitus head-on – all in a nearly invisible RIC 10 device.

Starkey’s patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology creates a patient-preferred sound stimulus designed to deliver the one thing every sufferer wants – relief. It makes tinnitus manageable for patients who have been frustrated by their inability to find consistent personalized relief – and gives hearing professionals an easy-to-use tinnitus management option.

Because tinnitus is different for every patient, Starkey designed Multiflex Tinnitus Technology with personalization and flexibility in mind. We also designed it to seamlessly integrate into most tinnitus treatment strategies. Combined with Inspire 2013.4, Xino Tinnitus gives you unprecedented ability to uniquely generate a sound stimulus that provides the greatest relief: First our “best-fit” tinnitus algorithm intelligently sets the tinnitus stimulus according to the patient’s audiogram.

Next, 16 bands of frequency adjustments and our novel modulation algorithm make it easy to shape the stimulus to fit the patient’s unique tinnitus experience.

Finally, SoundPoint Tinnitus allows patients to become active partners in fine-tuning relief to their precise preferences, which helps ensure greater success.

And, of course, Xino Tinnitus comes standard with Starkey’s industry-leading features including: BluWave 3.0, Voice iQ, Spectral iQ, PureWave Feedback Eliminator, InVision Directionality and much more.

Hearing aids that work with streaming TV

3 Series hearing aids work with Starkey’s SurfLink Media streamer, our set-and-forget wireless transmitter. With SurfLink Media, there’s no manual pairing involved. Once you plug it into your TV or stereo, you’re done!

It automatically streams sound directly to your hearing aids when you’re in range.

You can transition from one device to another simply by moving from room to room. See how

It lets others in the room listen to the TV or stereo at the volume they prefer.

Enables multiple people wearing 3 Series hearing aids to connect to a single device.

See how 3 Series is designed to help you hear better in noise.

Hands-free at home

True hands-free cell phone conversations are here, thanks to our innovative new SurfLink Mobile with JustTalk. This one-of-a-kind device is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

Enables hands-free cell phone conversations by turning our wireless hearing aids into the phone microphone and receiver:

Microphone: User’s hearing aids pick up their voice and send it to the person they’re talking to

Receiver: SurfLink Mobile streams the voice on the other end directly to both of the hearing aids

Directional microphone enhances one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. Omnidirectional capability is ideal for listening in meetings or group settings.

Can be used as a convenient and powerful assistive listening device.

Wirelessly streams sound from any Bluetooth-enabled TV or MP3 player.

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