Charter challenged

To the Journal editor:

This is a letter of thanks to the City of Negaunee for the years of cable service it has provided its residents. Running and maintaining such an enterprise profitably is not an easy task for small municipalities.

Yet, Negaunee has managed to provide a needed alternative to greed driven communication monopolies. Not many small cities can claim such a noble struggle in such difficult economic times.

A struggle that may have run its course and has reached the point of being financially infeasible. Not for lack of trying, however, but because of lessening support, inflation and the absence of competition. They’ve left no room for the little guy.

Charter has targeted this city’s cable system for the sole purpose of speeding up its collapse as quickly as possible. Rather than letting it phase out gracefully, Charter has chosen to bully its way into Negaunee with demeaning advertising tactics.

While friendly and ethical competition is more than welcome in our community, the manner in which Charter has chosen to monopolize cable service in Negaunee is, in my opinion, not an honorable or ethical way of doing business.

It is for this reason these practices must be acknowledged publicly. Advertising claims of, “More service. More value,” is, more times than not, mere hyperbole. As we all know, “more” does not guarantee “better.”

As consumers, we must ask ourselves, “How many TV channels do we really need to keep us informed or entertained? How many of these do we truly want coming into our homes, at all?”

Deep inside we know the answers to these questions and realize, not that many. So what are we really being promised “more” of and paying “more” for?

It is not competition I am objecting to but the kind of competition Charter has chosen to employ against a lesser competitor. It is fairly certain that Charter will eventually replace Negaunee Cable. Why then promote its demise in such a manner? The answer of course solely being, greed.

You are to be commended, Negaunee, for providing a service purely for the sake of serving your citizens needs and not just for profit.

This kind of service and commitment goes far beyond that of the motives of big communication companies whose sole purpose is profit.

Thanks, Negaunee Cable and shame on you, Charter.

Thom Richer