Keep on trucking

To the Journal editor:

I’m writing in response to the trucking issue I just read the letter to the editor, written by Bryan Hill from Skandia. I would say to him come and live on Wright Street or other areas affected by the heavy trucks.

It’s insane. Many people live along Wright Street many more then when the city stopped Blondeau Trucking a few years back from going through a block or so in south Marquette.

When I settled in on Wright St. in 1973 It was a two lane road nice and quiet like living in Skandia. Then a few years later came the four lane road. What a shock that was just like living on a interstate highway. Thousands of cars and trucks everyday. My house shook and they,the big trucks, ruined the road.

Plus, I had to call the police often most were going way to fast. That lasted for 25 years or so. then thanks to the city leadership the road was redone and made back to two lanes with a turn lane.

It has helped some but still the cars and trucks go too fast. As a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard. I had some near death experiences . Well I’ve had quite a few on Wright St. Most drivers will not slow down.

Cleaning snow with my snow blower I almost got killed more than once. I just hope that the city leaders will get the heavy trucks off Wright Street. Maybe they can come out by Skandia where you live Mr. Hill.

Then see how you like it. One more point there are still places where people can walk in the woods so lets get the trucks on the bypass road and hopefully Marquette County Road 595 will be built that the best way to go.

That will be something for us who live along the truck route to really be thankful for. It will be a thanksgiving gift for sure.

William Maki