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The Peter White Public Library offers these new adult non-fiction titles.

“Johnny Carson”

by Henry Bushkin

In 1970 Henry Bushkin was 27 years old and newly hired as Johnny Carson’s lawyer. He served this role for nearly two decades. He developed a close friendship with Carson, so this is also his story. Mostly though, this is Carson, in all his brilliant imperfection. Considering his monumental stardom, there is surprisingly little written material about Carson, “The King of Late Night”.

New non-fiction 921 Carson.

“Orr: My Story”

by Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr has never before authorized or written his biography. One of the greatest hockey defensemen, Orr’s career was shortened by a knee injury. He has long been known for his sportsmanship and integrity, resulting in his selection as an Olympic flag bearer for the 2010 Vancouver games. Orr tells his own story, and what he thinks of the sport today.

New non-fiction 796.962 Orr.

“Norman Mailer: A Double Life”

by Michael Lennon

Norman Mailer stands large as one of the most talented writers of the mid to late 20th century, though he was famous for provoking and enraging his readers. Biographer Lennon knew Normal Mailer for 35 years. In researching this authorized biography, he interviewed many others who knew Mailer, and was given access to Mailer’s private documents. Lennon strives to present all the different sides of Mailer, without passing judgment. Mailer would likely appreciate the journalistic approach, which could be why he authorized this book before his death.

New non-fiction 921 Mailer.

“The Beatles. Volume 1, Tune In: All These Years”

by Mark Lewisohn

The first of a trilogy, which aims to be a definitive Beatles biography. In this work, Lewisohn is more concerned with telling the story of who The Beatles were, rather than the story of their celebrity, which has been covered time and time again. Volume 1 includes their individual and collective stories up until the end of 1962. It offers a glimpse into their upbringings, and their Liverpool and Hamburg days. Lewisohn has made a career of telling The Beatles history, and has authored numerous books on the subject, including The Beatles Live, and The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions.

New non-fiction 780.92 Beatles.

“The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football”

by Jeff Benedict

Insights into the pageantry and excesses of Division I college football, which has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Benedict and other contributors were given unprecedented access to top college football programs during the 2012 season. Investigative reporter Benedict has written for several newspapers and magazines, including Sports Illustrated.

New non-fiction 796.332 BE.

“Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune”

by Bill Dedman.

Huguette Clark’s father was a copper magnate, and U.S. Senator representing the state of Montana. He amassed a fortune that rivaled John D. Rockefeller’s. His daughter Huguette was born in Paris, grew up in the largest home in New York City, and eventually became the last surviving child, and heiress to the family fortune. Reclusive for much of her life until her death in 2011, she had a massive collection of real-estate, maintained for decades by caretakers, some of which she never set foot in. When Pulitzer Prize winning author Dedman discovered a mansion for sale, unoccupied for six decades, he began to unravel the story of this gilded age family.

New non-fiction 921 Clark.

“Dancing With the Enemy: My Family’s Holocaust Secret”

by Paul Glaser

The story of the author’s aunt, a Jewish-Dutch dance instructor caught up in the Nazi machine of WWII. Leading up to the war, Rosie Glaser lived exuberantly, traveling Western Europe. During the war she was arrested for running an illegal dance studio in her parents’ attic, and was sent to Auschwitz. Rosie’s story is one of sheer cunning, and undiminished spirit.

New non-fiction 921 Glaser.

– Bruce MacDonald

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