Hospice thanked

To the Journal editor:

I recently learned that November is National Hospice and Palliative Care month so I’d like to take a moment and pass along our heartfelt thanks and recognize the wonderful staff at Lake Superior Hospice in Marquette.

Last month, my wife and her four brothers and sisters lost their mom Helen, at age 93. Helen was a truly remarkable and staunchly independent woman who desired to remain in her home on Lake Superior in AuTrain.

Enter LSH to ensure her wish came true. Nurses included Becky and Lynn; aides were Deb and Carley; the social worker was Deb; and Bethany was the administrative assistant.

All were simply tireless in seeing to mom’s care, comfort, household chores, even playing her favorite games while also providing support for family caregivers.

Finally, LSH volunteers were Nancy, Jack and Marcie, who came and spent a very long day restoring mom’s flower beds once more to their usual glory for her.

The staff were all very professional, extremely attentive, flexible, gentle, even tender with Mom while preserving her dignity throughout. It seemed so second nature to each of them.

For all of this LSH, our heartfelt thanks.

Bob Kayl