Small investment in Ishpeming fire hall pays off

We applaud the city of Ishpeming for making a modest investment to its fire hall, thereby extending the life of the facility at a reasonably low cost.

For about $93,000, a contractor improved the structural integrity of the century-old facility, city officials told us recently.

The key feature was installment of steel beams, which dramatically improved the strength of the building’s floor. The fire department moved back into the building recently from temporary quarters located in the former city recycling center on Carson Road, off Lakeshore Drive, where it has been since last summer.

A recent story penned by Mining Journal Staff Writer Zach Jay quoted Fire Chief Ed Anderson: “The floor has been supported with steel beams, so it’s no longer an issue with potential collapse or failure. The trucks are safely nested here.”

In addition to the steel beams, drain tiles were installed in the floor along the basement’s outer walls, Anderson said in the story, to address past issues with water collecting in those areas.

City officials estimate the repairs will extend the building’s functional life at least several more years. And at a time when everyone should be counting pennies and husbanding resources, we see that as a positive development.