Author Driscoll gives reading of newest work

MARQUETTE- Community members received a treat recently when Michigan author Jack Driscoll gave a read of a brand new unpublished short story that he just finished.

Driscoll is the author of four novels, four poetry collections and a collection of short stories that was recently published called “The World as a Few Minutes Ago.”

Before reading his new short story, Driscoll talked to the audience of about 20 people about his writing process.

“Contrary to what readers believe, the truth is it just keeps getting harder. That’s the sad truth,” Driscoll said. “You don’t want to write the same story over even though you have a template and you just want to repeat what you’ve done before. It’s just too easy.”

Driscoll said he writes about three stories a year, which he said he believes is fairly good production. Driscoll’s reading at the Peter White Public Library was from his recently finished short story, “All the Time in the World.”

The short story is about a 15-year-old girl who has gotten into some trouble and is also dealing with her father’s new girlfriend.

“I read everything I write to my wife when I finally finish a story,” Driscoll said. “We’re always looking for that perfect reader, so I test it out on her.

“I would never give my work to someone that isn’t predisposed to loving it, because if not they will always find something wrong. You always want to give it to somebody who wants the story to be really good because they’re not going to fake it.”

Driscoll has received several awards over the years, including the AWP Short Fiction Award, the Barnes & Noble Discovery of Great New Writers Award, PEN Syndicated Fiction award, two Pushcart Prize, Pushcart Editor’s Book Award, Best American Short Story citations and the PEN/Nelson Algren Fiction Award. He also teaches at Pacific University in Oregon.

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