Lost after the end of a good book series

The other day I was reading an article in The Mining Journal’s Scene Magazine about my favorite author Charlaine Harris. The article was about how she had just released her last and final book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. That’s when it hit me all over again that a series I’ve been reading for about 10 years is over.

The final book was a list of characters that the reader met over the 13-book series and what happens to them after the series. I see it as a way to give readers closure. The final novel of the series was released back in May.

When I finished that final novel at the beginning of the summer I felt a sense of loss. This may seem a little crazy to those who are not as avid book readers as others, but I cried a little when I was done.

I thought Harris ended the series perfectly and I completely understand why she’s moving on to a new one, but I still feel lost without having something to look forward to every May.

Over the summer I don’t read as much because I’m outside a lot. But with winter here, I find myself again feeling lost in a sea of books. Even though I don’t usually read Harris’s books in the winter due to the release date, I find myself feeling the loss all over again as I searched for a new book to read while she works on her next series.

The Sookie Stackhouse series was one of those that made me cry and laugh out loud. I was so invested in these characters that there was even a time that I was so angry about something I found out about a character that I threw my book across my room and walked away from it for three days so I could calm down about the betrayal before I could continue to read it again. That’s how good a writer Harris is.

While I wait for her new series to come out I’ve settled on a James Patterson book. But trust me when I say, the moment I find out when Harris’s new series will be released, I’ll be counting down the days.

Editor’s note: Northern Michigan University graduate and Mining Journal photo editor Adelle Whitefoot can be reached at 906-228-2500. Her email address is awhitefoot@miningjournal.net.