Oh what a year!

To the Journal editor:

As this beautiful summer/fall end and winter begins we would like to thank everyone involved in establishing Marquette and Marquette County as a place of Disc Destination.

We had quite a 2013. Marquette officially became the World’s only Frisbee sanctuary, hosted a Frisbee Sanctuary Week of events, opened Powder Mill, a world class 18-hole disc golf course, and hosted the 35th US National Guts Frisbee Championships.

Thanks go out to all our sponsors, our volunteers, the local media, with a big thanks to The Mining Journal ad campaign and Pat Black and the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Your help allowed us to reach a bigger audience throughout Marquette County. This year we drew 125 guts players and almost 2,000 loyal guts fans to the U.S. tournament.

We also offer great appreciation to the city of Marquette, its employees, Mayor Johnny DePetro (a long-time disc supporter), city manager Bill Vajda, parks and recreation director Karl Zueger and executive city assistant Wendy Larson. They have been so helpful.

And finally a word about the Marquette Board of Light and Power. What a great community partner we have in the BLP. With their assistance we were able to build a free, community disc golf course. Because of the BLP’s insights and far reaching planning of allowing land use agreements with local, volunteer recreational groups, the area is surrounded by multiple recreational opportunities. Think about it.

Within a five minute walk you can do all of the following: biking, soccer, softball, BMX, hiking, fishing, swimming (new dam), disc golf, etc.And most of it is on current or former BLP property. Great job BLP.

But we are not done yet! We are about to finish re-doing the Silver Creek Disc Golf Course from 9 holes to 18 holes, with all new baskets.

We are beginning to work on a bid for the 2016 World’s Ultimate and Guts Frisbee Championships, over 1,500 disc players from over 25 countries.

We are in discussion with multiple other local communities about building new disc golf course in their towns. Our plans are to have over 15 different disc golf courses within a two-hour drive. That will give us the opportunity down the road to also bid on a World’s Disc Golf Championship.

We also hope to build a disc museum and a few new disc golf courses in the city of Marquette/Marquette County and we truly will be a Frisbee sanctuary and a disc destination.