New band: Bad Luck Lullabies

MARQUETTE – The cheeky words on the Facebook page’s “about” The Bad Luck Lullabies rather sum up this fun-loving new band’s philosophy:

“We’re a Dance Band, not a think band, so dance it up, don’t think it up!”

The Bad Luck Lullabies was launched by two local musicians, Jesse DeCaire and Jim Bellmore.

“We’ve been talking about doing a rockabilly/country band for many years, to play the music that we both love from the golden age of rock and roll and country – Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly to name just a few,” DeCaire said. “So last year, a close friend of mine was getting married and she called to ask me if I knew of any band that played that kind of music and as I was cycling through the bands I knew in the area I thought, ‘why don’t I just put together a band?’

“It was the perfect opportunity,” DeCaire said. “The response after the wedding was so positive and because it felt good to play with everyone, we decided to keep playing.”

Guitarist and vocalist DeCaire, a west Ishpeming native, has been a part of a number well-known local musical groups including The Terminal Orchestra, The Chanteymen and The Redettes. He grew up with music as a big part of his life and it’s his connection to another group – the renowned musical comedy troupe Da Yoopers led by his father, Jim DeCaire – that brought him and Bellmore together.

“Jim (Bellmore) is from Marquette and has been playing in many working bands over the years – most notably Da Yoopers, which is where we became friends,” DeCaire said.

Bellmore plays lead guitar and provides vocals for The Bad Luck Lullabies.

Who else was recruited for the band?

Jay DeHut is on drums.

“Jay is from Ontonogan originally but has lived in Marquette for many years and has played in a number of punk bands in the area,” DeCaire said. “He has been in bands with me for years like The Chanteymen and The Terminal Orchestra.”

Brian Geshel is on bass for The Bad Luck Lullabies.

“Brian is from the Houghton area but has been in Marquette for a number of years,” DeCaire said. “On top of being in a band where he plays in own stuff, he’s insanely active in working bands like Circle of Willis, Beyond Ambition and Frank and Da Beanz.”

Vocalist Jen Koppin completes The Bad Luck Lullabies.

“Jen’s from the Ann Arbor area and is up here going to school,” DeCaire said. “She’s an amazing songwriter that writes soulful heartfelt tunes and has a voice to match. She’s a perfect fit for this band.”

For those who want to hear The Bad Luck Lullabies for themselves, the band has a gig set for 8 p.m. Nov. 23 at The Ore Dock Brewing Co. in Marquette: An Evening of 50s and 60s Rockabilly and Country.

“We want to honor the golden age of rockabilly, rock, country and swing by playing material from the greats of the 50s and 60s like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Louis Prima, Wanda Jackson, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and some more obscure talents like Rusty Howard and Ronnie Allen,” DeCaire said.

“We also pull from some modern material by people who have also carried the rockabilly and country torch like Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, Chris Isaak and Joe Ely.”

A special guest will be part of the evening.

“Sycamore Smith,” DeCaire said. “Sycamore has been marching to the beat of his own drum since the late 80s. He was in a legendary underground punk band in Marquette called The Muldoons and since then he’s been doing his own brand of folk based music full of strange characters and raunchy situations all done with his amazing lyrical wit.”

The venue is one DeCaire especially enjoys.

“The Ore Dock is a great place to play because they took great care to craft a vibe in their space that’s really conducive to the live music experience,” he said. “You can tell they have an understanding of the importance of not only having a steady place for the music community to utilize but also to have a space that’s enjoyable to see a show in for both the bands and the people who come to see the show.”

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