Commonsense, planning best in firearm deer season

With the firearm hunting season in full swing, more hunters are the woods than during any other season all year.

With the increased numbers of hunters in the woods, the number of deadly weapons being carried also skyrockets.

This means everyone – even those not hunting – needs to exercise extreme caution. There are a few very easy, commonsense tips to follow to help make sure this hunting season is a safe one. These tips will keep Joe Citizen out for a woodsy stroll out of harm’s way as well.

All hunters should treat every firearm as if it’s loaded and should never point the weapon at anything he or she doesn’t intend to kill. So use binoculars to see things at a distance, not the scope on your 30-06.

When ready to shoot, make sure it’s a safe shot. Check to see that there’s nothing behind the target including people, buildings or roads, and watch for ricochet surfaces.

Anyone in the woods during the firearm season should wear hunters orange. All hunters – including archers – must wear orange.

If it’s too dark to see clearly, it’s too dark to shoot. Use some judgment. A lot of people are moving in and out of the woods at these times.

Hunters should always let someone know where he or she is going to hunt and keeping a cellphone handy is a good idea. The phone doesn’t have to be audible or even on vibrate, but if there’s a problem authorities can locate a hunter with an active phone’s GPS.

Good luck hunting, and be safe.