Museum After Dark delights

MARQUETTE – The Marquette Regional History Museum had a large turnout Saturday night for its Museum After Dark event.

Children and their parents arrived at the museum to find the exhibits had come to life.

Actors dressed in costumes waited in the exhibits for children to light them up with their flashlights.

Then the actors would regale them with a story or answer questions for the scavenger hunt.

“If anyone famous has come to Marquette its great fodder for historical tidbits,” said Marquette Regional History Museum Educator Betsy Rutz. “The scavenger hunt requires the kids to use their flashlight to get the answers.”

After they had wandered through the darkened exhibits, the kids had a chance to make their own constellations, or cut out their silhouette, check out the artifacts or have snacks while they waited to view stars through the two telescopes.

“The theme was anything to do with telescopes, lighting, projections, stars, night sky, navigation and space,” Rutz said.

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