Route supported

To the Journal editor:

The Marquette Board of Power and Light has provided a wonderful, quiet, safe place to walk with pets in the area near the power house below the Forestville Reservoir.

Large truck traffic should not be rerouted through this area. The existing trucking route along Marquette County Road 550, Sugarloaf Avenue and Wright Street is plenty adequate and safe enough to allow 50 more large trucks (100 passes including the return trips) passing through the existing route each day. Based on an eight hour work day this works out to one mine truck passing every five minutes.

The existing route has already been used by heavy logging, gravel, rock and construction trucks for many years.

The mine operators have been extremely safety conscious. I suspect Lundin will drill safety first into the driver’s heads and will fire any diver who causes and accident or even gets a traffic citation because Lundin does not want bad publicity.

I also suspect that if somebody checked into the accident reports for this area, it would show that car/pick-up truck drivers cause by far most of the traffic accidents, not the large trucks.

My personal experience driving around the area indicates this is the case. Thank you for your time and attention.

Bryan Hill