Right is wrong

To the Journal editor:

Writing in response to Mr. Underwood’s recent letter, I actually have to applaud the president and the Democrats in Congress for finally standing up to the right’s hijacking of the democratic process.

First, the paying of the government’s already incurred bills is not open to negotiation. Period.

Secondly, if he wants to call presenting a list of demands and then telling the president if you don’t meet our demands we will shut down the government negotiating, I guess we have different definitions of negotiation.

No, Mr. Underwood, you cannot blame the Democrats for the recent government shutdown that blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the Republicans yes the Republicans kept changing their demands but they were still demands. The Republicans have brought the government to a virtual standstill since the president was first elected.

As for his assertion that the people don’t want the ACA I think the only poll that matters on this issue was taken last November. It was called the presidential election,which resulted in the re-election of President Obama. The people’s will was clearly voiced at that time. The ACA was one of the main issues if not the main issue, in the last election.

Congress is not exempt from the ACA, contrary to the rights continuing program of misinformation, they do not have nor have they had an exemption. Congress presently pays 75 percent of congressional aides insurance premiums, the GOPs last “offer” (demand) was to eliminate that payment.

As for the president, I believe he and his family’s health care is presently provided by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, like Congress’ for which the government pays approximately 75 percent of the premiums. What it costs depends on what level of coverage he chooses, just like most insurance programs.

In response to Mr. Domowicz, please read paragraph one. In regard to his faux outrage with Majority Leader Reid’s refusal to bring the GOP’s “offers” to a vote, I ask him where is his outrage at Speaker Boehner’s refusal to bring a clear CR to a vote in the House?

Seems like typical right wing double standards to me.

Jeff Prusi